Support Grass Roots Sport with your company

Support Sport CIC exists to support sports clubs of all sizes throughout Great Britain and your company could help both the clubs and the families who run them.

How Support Sport CIC helps grass roots sport

Support Sport CIC raises money to donate to sports clubs, primarily through a subscription lottery which has thousands of players.

To join, a person simply needs to Pick a club, Join the lottery, and the money we raise is used to support Sport – it’s that simple!

All sports clubs supported will receive monthly cash donations from Support Sport CIC to help pay for training, pitch hire, kit and equipment. The more people who play, the more money we can donate.

Give people more reason to support sport

We want to help everybody involved in sport

Sport of every level is expensive for everyone involved. From the mums and dads paying subs, clubs buying kit and equipment, to travel for everyone involved – and that’s before considering the expense in maintaining the sports venues which everyone needs to train and play at.

What we’re looking for are discounts and offers for the clubs and parents alike – so whether it’s a percentage discount, a buy-one-get-one-free, or some other type of offer, if it’s something that helps save a little, we would love to hear from you.

Supporting Sport will help you

Reach more customers

When you join as a partner, you will be promoted to our entire database, featured on our social media and on our website and app.

You can also feature Support Sport CIC on your website as well as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

It’s win win

Sport isn’t always about winning, but everybody loves to win and partnering with Support Sport CIC is a brilliant way to support sports clubs, all the families that are involved and get new customers through your doors – ok, that’s win, win, win, but that’s even better!

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