How to Promote the Lottery

Support Sport Lottery exists to support sports clubs like yours and the main reason a person joins is to help a club they support. But before they can join, your supporters need to know that the lottery exists and this is why promotion is important.

As soon as your club has been added to the site, you can start promoting the lottery to your supporters and start raising money for your club. It’s easy to do and with a little bit of hard work, you’ll really see the benefits.

Start with a text

Get started with a personal text and email.

In terms of what works best, the simple rule is that the more personal the request, the greater the chance a person will join and support your club.

For example, a simple way to get started is to message everybody who is involved with the club with a link to your club’s page asking them to join. Ask them to forward the message on to anyone they think would also join.

A personal email will have the same effect.

Remember to let people know what the lottery is all about, how it will help your club and to include the link to your page.

Be as personal as possible

There are two ways we recommend promoting in person.

The first is to simply ask people to sign up face to face. You could ask parents at training sessions or fans aged 16 and over at a game.

The second way is to challenge each of your coaches to get their squads to complete the three player challenge. Here, the coaches challenge each member of their squad to sign up three lottery players each.

Let’s say your squad has 20 players, the target would be 60 signups. 20 x 3 = 60 lottery players. This raises almost £1,500 per year, from a single squad.

Social media adds credibility

Social media offers a quick and simple way to announce that Support Sport Lottery is helping the club, but remember, one post won’t generate hundreds of players alone. It’s part of the mix and adds credibility so that when you send a text or email, people don’t ignore it, thinking it is spam.

Posting a couple of times a month will remind people about how the lottery can help and shows current players that you still need their support.

Email databases

They might not be personal, but a well-crafted email which goes to a large audience always pays dividends. If you’re looking to send to 500 or more supporters, we can help you create an email to send.