Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

1.1. “Terms and Conditions” – The terms and conditions written in the clauses of this document.
1.2. “Act” – The Gambling Act 2005.
1.3. “Lottery” – Support Sport CIC’s lottery.
1.4. “Draw” – The process by which winners are selected.
1.5. “We” “Our” “Support Sport CIC” “SSCIC” “Promoter” – Support Sport CIC, company number 13399710, registered at Integra Solicitors, Affinity House, 1 Station View, Hazel Grove, Cheshire, United Kingdom, SK7 5ER..
1.6. “Application Form” – A form which a person completes to register as a Player of the Lottery.
1.7. “Player” “You” “Your” – An individual who has, or will, register to enter into the Lottery.
1.8. “Rules” – The rules of the Lottery as set out below and amended from time to time.
1.9. “Lottery Proceeds” – Money which a Player pays to SSCIC for entry into the Lottery.
1.10. “Lucky Numbers” – The six digits used to identify individual entries into the Lottery.
1.11. “Entry” “Entries” – A Player’s entry put into a Lottery Draw with a chance of winning a prize.
1.12. “Winning Number” – The six digits made up which make up the winning number in a Lottery. See 7.3.
1.13. “Administration Fees” – Fees charged to Support Sport CIC for services provided in relation to managing their Lottery.
1.14. “Website” – https://supportsportlottery.com

2. Introduction

2.2. The Lottery is promoted by Support Sport CIC.
2.3. When you enter the Lottery, you enter and Support Support Sport CIC who subsequently donate money to sports clubs across Great Britain.

3. Registration

3.1. You can register for the Lottery by the completion of an Application Form which will be published in a variety of forms from time to time.
3.2. It is an offence for anyone under the age of 16 years to participate in a Lottery.
3.3. SSCIC will, where appropriate, carry out checks to verify this requirement, including seeking confirmation from relevant agencies who can provide such information if necessary.
3.4. Registration will require you to provide the following information:
3.4.1. Your name and address, so that we can write to you to confirm your entry into the Lottery and contact you if you have won a prize.
3.4.2. Confirmation that you are over 16 years of age, in order to ensure compliance with the Act.
3.4.3. The number of Entries in the Lottery you wish to purchase.
3.5. You will also need to provide the following information;
3.5.1. Your contact telephone number.
3.5.2. Your date of birth.
3.5.3. Your mobile phone number.
3.5.4. Your email address.
3.6. Following registration you will be sent you confirmation of your entry. The confirmation will specify the date of the first Draw into which you will be entered, your Lucky Numbers, your name, address and any other relevant details provided as part of your registration.
3.7. It is your responsibility to ensure that the personal information you provide to us is accurate.
3.8. No application is deemed to have been accepted unless and until players have submitted a valid, legible and properly completed Application Form; payment has been received in cleared funds for the full amount (and by one of the methods) stipulated on the Application Form.
3.9. We reserve the right not to accept an application or to cancel an existing subscription at our absolute discretion. Any such rejection or cancellation may be reconsidered on submission of a written appeal to Support Sport CIC within 7 days.
3.10. SSCIC may reject any application without giving a reason at their absolute discretion.

4. Changes to Player Details

4.1. It is your responsibility as the Player to advise us of any change of address or any other Player details deemed necessary.
4.2. If you discover any error in your name, address or any other details provided as part of your registration when you receive your confirmation then you must correct this by notifying us in writing or by e-mail.
4.3. SSCIC will make any required corrections as soon as reasonably possible.
4.4. SSCIC shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of the opportunity to enter the Lottery and / or the right to receive a prize) suffered by you until such correction has been made.
4.5. Any correction notified to SSCIC shall only become effective once the correction has been made.
4.6. Changes to the bank or building society specified during registration will require the completion of a new Standing Order mandate. Further information regarding this can be obtained from SSCIC upon request.

5. Entry and Verification

5.1. Randomly selected Lucky Numbers will be issued to you with your confirmation of Entry. You may subsequently request alternative Lucky Numbers at any time and these will be issued to you providing they have not already been allocated to an existing Player.
5.2. Only registered players can be entered into the Lottery.
5.3. Members and officers of Support Sport CIC are not precluded from playing the Lottery.
5.4. Blank
5.5. Entries that have been purchased and entered into a Draw for which they were intended are prohibited from being subsequently refunded.
5.6. By entering into the Lottery, you agree to be bound by the Rules, and applicable provisions of the Act and any relevant regulations made thereunder from time to time. SSCIC shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of the opportunity to enter the Lottery and / or the right to receive a prize) suffered by you if you have not complied with the Rules.
5.7. The Rules may be amended by SSCIC from time to time.

6. Payment

6.1. The price for each Entry is £1 or such other sum as you may be notified.
6.2. Payment for entries may be made by the following methods:
6.2.1. Direct Debit – Direct Debit payments will be referenced BPS RE SUPPORT SPORT CIC on your bank statement.
6.2.2. Debit Card – Card payments are not currently accepted.
6.2.3. Cheque – Cheques must be made payable to Support Sport CIC.
6.2.4. Any other method made available from time to time
6.3. In order to comply with the Act only those entries for which payment has been received in advance are eligible for entry into the Draw.
6.3.1. Your entries and therefore associated Lucky Number(s) will not be entered into a Draw unless all cleared funds relating to your Entries are received by 5:00pm on the Thursday of that week’s Draw.
6.3.2. If there is a dispute regarding whether entries have been paid for, then such dispute shall be resolved by reference to details included in official statements from the bank with which the Lottery’s bank accounts operate.
6.3.3. It is a Player’s responsibility to check that payments being made are correct from time-to-time.
6.4. Entries will cease when no further payments are received, and your Lottery Proceeds are not sufficient to pay for the entry of 1 week’s entries.
6.5. If the amount remains insufficient to pay for entries into a Draw for 26 draws or greater any remaining Lottery Proceeds will be treated as a donation to SSCIC.

7. Draws

7.1. The Draw will normally take place each Monday.
7.2. SSCIC will endeavour to conduct a Lottery every Monday. Where this is not possible, it will be conducted as soon after as possible.
7.3. The Winning Number shall be comprised of last published digit taken from the temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit for the locations listed below as published in “The Daily Mail” or such other newspaper as SSCIC may (at their discretion) select from time to time:
7.3.1. Corfu
7.3.2. Athens
7.3.3. Tenerife
7.3.4. Vienna
7.3.5. Amsterdam
7.3.6. Stockholm
7.4. If one or more of the six cities chosen are not printed in the selected newspaper, back up cities will be used in this order:
7.4.1. Paris
7.4.2. Copenhagen
7.4.3. Berlin
7.4.4. Dublin
7.4.5. Lisbon
7.4.6. Strasbourg
7.5. In the event of any disparity between the temperatures published by the selected newspaper and the Met Office, the temperatures in the selected newspaper shall prevail.

8. Prizes

8.1. Prize winners will be determined by whether a Player’s Lucky Numbers that have been entered into a Draw match the Winning Number.
8.2. To match, a digit of the Lucky Number must match the relevant city of the Winning Number in the relevant Draw.
8.3. Prizes are issued as follows:
8.3.1. Matching 6 numbers, the prize will be £25,000.
8.3.2. Matching 5 numbers, the prize will be £250.
8.3.3. Matching 4 numbers, the prize will be £20.
8.3.4. Matching 3 numbers, the prize will be two bonus entries into the Lottery using your bonus number supplied in your welcome letter.
8.3.5. Guaranteed prize awarded on the last draw of each month as advertised.
8.4. There is a limit of one prize per entry which will be the highest possible prize awardable for the applicable entry.
8.4.1. The winning probabilities are:
8.4.2. Six Number Match 1 in 1,000,000
8.4.3. Five Number Match 1 in 18,518
8.4.4. Four Number Match 1 in 823
8.4.5. Three Number Match 1 in 69
8.4.6 The chance of winning any prize is 1 in 67
8.4.7. Prize winners are notified by email within 7 days of the Draw taking place
8.5. Weekly Winning Numbers are published on the Website and are also available on request within one week of the Draw
8.6. All monetary prizes will be paid directly into a player’s registered bank account
8.8. SSCIC reserves the right to amend the prizes at any time. Any such changes will be published on the Website at least one month prior to a change being made.
8.9. SSCIC reserves the right to withhold the payment of any prize until it is entirely satisfied that the Player who has won the prize has fully complied with the Rules.
8.10. Upon winning any prize in the Lottery, you may be required to prove you have met the criteria specified in these Terms and Conditions, in order to claim your prize.
8.11. There are no alternatives to the prizes offered from time to time and no interest is payable.

9. Entry Cancellation

9.1. You may cancel your entry into the Lottery by notifying SSCIC in writing via
9.1.1. Post to the Registered Office
9.1.2. E-mail to info@supportsportlottery.com
9.1.3. Form on the Website
9.2. Upon receipt of your cancellation, SSCIC will;
9.2.1. Cancel future Direct Debit payments as soon as practicable
9.2.2. Cancel future card payments as soon as is practicable.
9.2.3. Inform you of your last Draw date via a written return communication to either your registered postal or e-mail address.
9.4. You may request a refund of payments made prior to the cancellation notice being received but which have not been used to pay for Entries. SSCIC will refund by Bank Transfer to the Player’s bank account.
9.5. Other than the reimbursement of Lottery Proceeds, SSCIC shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of the opportunity to enter the Lottery and / or the right to receive a prize) suffered by you in relation to such cancellation.
9.6. If you wish to re-join a lottery at a future date, you must complete a new registration.

10. Lottery Cancellation

10.1. SSCIC may without giving reason or notice, decline to accept an application; terminate or suspend the scheme or cancel an existing subscription in any of which events SSCIC shall be liable to the applicant or subscriber for any actual or perceived loss, damage or liability thereby arising other than for the return of any monies held on account of future Lotteries and the award of prizes for Lotteries conducted prior to such termination or suspension of the Lottery or cancellation of a subscription.
10.2. The Promoter’s decisions required to be made pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall, once made, be final and binding.
10.3. Save where the Terms and Conditions expressly provide otherwise, the SSCIC shall not be obliged to respond to or to enter into any correspondence.
10.4. SSCIC will write to inform you of the last Draw date and outline options and actions you may wish to take.

11. Suspension of the Draw

11.1. SSCIC may (at its absolute discretion) suspend the Lottery for any period of time. During such period, SSCIC shall retain all Lottery Proceeds that have not been used to pay for entries in previous Draws.
11.2. You will be notified of further details regarding the resumption of the Lottery or otherwise as soon as reasonably practicable after the date of suspension in writing.

12. Self-Exclusion

12.1. An instruction to be self-excluded, as defined in the Gambling Act 2005, from Lotteries may be submitted in writing to SSCIC or via our website.
12.2. Customers wishing to use this facility will not be able to re-join the Lottery for a minimum of 6 months from the date of exclusion.
12.3. A copy of the self-exclusion procedure is available on the Website or by request from SSCIC.

13. Liability

13.1. Support Sport CIC shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage suffered by you arising from:
13.1.1. Any delays or failures in the postal service or other delivery methods used by SSCIC or you from time to time.
13.1.2. Any delays or failures in any systems used by SSCIC or you to transmit e-mails.
13.1.3. Any failure in any software or other systems used by SSCIC for the administration of the Lottery.
13.1.4. Any delays of failures in the banking system used by SSCIC or you.
13.1.5. Any refusal by SSCIC to accept registration of an individual as a Player or the cancellation of a Player by SSCIC.
13.1.6. Any failure to enter your entry into the Draw.
13.1.7. Any event beyond the reasonable control of SSCIC.
13.2. Support Sport CIC shall not be liable to you in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise for any indirect or consequential loss suffered by you in relation to your participation in the Lottery (including loss of the opportunity to enter the Lottery and / or the chance of winning a prize).

14. Complaints

14.1. Any complaints relating to the Lottery should be sent in writing to SSCIC using the address at the bottom of this webpage, giving full details of the complaint and supporting documentation.
14.2. The Promoter’s decisions made pursuant to the Rules shall be final and binding.
14.3. Save where the Rules expressly provide otherwise, SSCIC shall not be obliged to enter into any correspondence.
14.4. All complaints and disputes will be dealt with in accordance with our procedure, a copy of which is available from the SSCIC office or the Website. In the event a dispute cannot be resolved then it may be referred to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). As a member of the Lotteries Council the ADR entity will be The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). IBAS is a free to use service.

IBAS contact details:
Independent Betting Adjudication Service
PO Box 62639
Telephone: 020 7347 5883
Email: adjudication@ibas-uk.co.uk.

15. Privacy

15.1. SSCIC is committed to protecting your privacy. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available from SSCIC or the Website. Data that we collect from you is used lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

16. Funds Protection

16.1. Customer Funds are protected from the insolvency of SSCIC by being kept in a separate bank account to maintain a separation from SSCIC’s own trading account and to protect those funds in the event of insolvency.

17. Changes

17.1. SSCIC reserves the right to amend or modify these terms at any time. You will be notified of material changes. Minor changes will be displayed on the Website, you are therefore advised to regularly check the Terms and Conditions for such amendments or alterations.

SSCIC Registered Address:
Integra Solicitors, Affinity House, 1 Station View, Hazel Grove, Cheshire, United Kingdom, SK7 5ER
Email: info@supportsportlottery.com
Web: https://supportsportlottery.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Winning numbers are published on our website each week following the draw. If you win a prize, you will receive an email and your winnings will be paid into your registered bank account. There is no need to make a claim.

The club you choose to support will receive 50p, Support Sport CIC will  receive a further 10p. The remaining 40p covers the prizes and administration of the lottery itself.
Support Sport CIC and the club you choose to support will decide where the money is spent.

If you have any question about the lottery or need any help, you can contact us directly via email: info@supportsportlottery.com, Monday to Friday 9 to 4.30.